Gillig Phantoms
34-58, 100-103

  • 34-43 are 1996 models. Before DASH moved to its new garage in the early 2010s, these buses were on reserve and ready for retirement, until DASH found use to extend their lives and began the Mark Center express route (2X), they were then given an extension to their lives.
  • 34-43 also originally came with roll signs, in the 2000s they were replaced with modern orange signs.
  • 44-53 are 1998 models, the first order to originally come with electronic signs as opposed to roll signs. Three of these buses (44, 52, and 53) are wrapped in the DASH About scheme, which used to be the King Street shuttle from Fridays to Sundays (replaced by the 7-day-a-week King Street Trolley in the mid-late 2000s). After the King Street Trolley came into service, these DASH About buses have since then been used for the Lunch Loop shuttles, providing people in the Carlyle business district and nearby with a free looping shuttle during their lunch breaks.
  • 54-58 are 1999 models.
  • 100-103 are 2007 models; one of the last Gillig Phantom orders before Gillig discontinued the Phantom model.

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58 at King Street Station
May 15, 2012


36 at King Street Station
July 12, 2012


37 at King Street Station
December 31, 2012



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